Jordash S.

Beverly Hills, CA

After 4 months of pain from an ankle fracture, I decided to seek physical therapy. The team at obpt were so helpful and easy to talk to. After two weeks of therapy I had my life back and was surfing, biking, and doing all the activities I love. Cannot recommend them enough!


Paul M.

San Francisco, CA

Lance has worked with me for a dislocated shoulder and herniated disc. His rehab is unparalleled. I am now back to my normal activities including surfing, Jiu-Jitsu and golf. I can't thank him enough and highly recommend anyone to Ocean Beach Physical Therapy.


Pete R.

San Francisco, CA

Ocean Beach Physical Therapy is a wonderful addition to our coast side community. As a surfer, I have been rehabilitated by Lance Harriman and his great staff on numerous occasions following gruesome injuries that most people would never recover from! And the facility on Taraval Street is an excellent physical therapy and wellness center located near Ocean Beach that can meet the needs of anyone with medical issues, injuries or physical rehabilitation needs. They specialize in numerous forms of Physical Therapies, Pilates, Aquatic Therapy, and can assist in the development of a personalized training regimen tailored to your specific needs. With a wide range of services and excellent, well trained and supportive staff, I highly recommend Ocean Beach Physical Therapy to get you on your feet and moving, walking, running, surfing, riding or whatever is you want to do, again!


Rich G.

San Francisco, CA

OB Physical Therapy has been a nessesary addition to the Outer Sunset district in many ways. First and foremost is the staffs direct connection to the community and it's needs with a professionalism and experience that transcends ones expectations. Physical therapy is personal, specific and requires a positive minded professional. I'M a 6million dolla man, been rebuilt mulitble times due to injury andI have never been in better hands then Lances and his staff. Lance REPESENTS the elite athlete and proressional in all he is and does yet is obtainable to all in need! Our community is extermly lucky to have such an amazing facility in its mist now and serve it's patrons in my opinion with the best physical therapy practice in San Francisco! Thanks OBPT, you guys are AMAZING and INSPERATIONAL!!!


Carrie R.

San Francisco, CA

No one wants to go to physical therapy. Some people even call it physical terrorism. But if you have to go, OBPT is the place to go. Diana, the office manager/receptionist, will greet you warmly every time you come and do whatever she has to keep your costs down and your appointments easy to maneuver. Henry is the PT aide, en route to his own Masters program - a funny and charming guy who will soothe your aching muscles after the torture with ice, heating pads, and electro-stim. Then there's David, the main practitioner. He treats everyone, whether a serious athlete or a couch potato, with respect. He is a teacher with magic hands and an unlimited positive outlook. He made me feel I would surely get past every obstacle, listening to my frustrations with patience every time. Lance, who owns the practice but works out of their Portrero Hill office, is incredibly talented and well-known in the PT community. Lastly, the space itself is meticulously clean, with high quality new equipment and plenty of space to spread out. I look forward to ending my time there (almost healed!) but I know I can go back anytime and will get the help I need.


Amie M.

El Cerrito, CA

I went to Potrero PT (the sister location for OBPT) for recovery after breaking my ankle. I wish the Ocean Beach location had been open then because its a beautiful space with great energy. Everyone that works for owner Lance Harriman's offices are extremely friendly and helpful. Added benefit is Lance and his team have close connections to some of the best orthopedic surgeons in SF and they all work closely together so you get the benefit of a team approach. I felt very well taken care of as a part of that network. I've worked with 2 PTs at the office and they were both top notch. They understood that as an athlete I was looking for a higher level of recovery to be able to perform at the same level I had been before the injury. They got me back in shape and back to sports in record time.


Vaughn B.

San Francisco, CA

I've been going to see Lance now for years for some snowboarding and surfing related injuries and have to say that he and his staff are in the top 5% of all PT's I've ever seen (I've seen a ton). Always professional and acutely good at diagnosing the issue - when I follow their plans I immediately see improvements. Their OB studio is awesome - huge, clean, new machines and convenient for parking and overall access. I would definitely recommend seeing them for any physical injury!


Monique K.

El Granada, CA

LOVE this brand new, top of its class clinic and location! Lance is my PT master! I'm an avid surfer and I've suffered from multiple shoulder dislocations, torn MCL and most recent, a major remplasage shoulder surgery that potentially could've kept my out of the ocean for more than a year! Between Potrero PT (lances other clinic) and OBPT i go no where else. I went straight to Lance after surgery and he took incredible care of me, putting me on a diligent PT program, giving me hope and always making time for me when he was at his busiest. He also signed me up for his specialized pool therapy program which felt amazing and realign made my Knee and shoulder feel so much better! Lance and his teams level of investment with their clients gave me so much hope, reassurance and relief knowing that I'm in the best possible care! Not even a year after my surgery i was back in the ocean surfing and feeling strong. I'll never go anywhere else for PT or body pains big or small.


Alex M.

San Francisco, CA

I'm so happy to have this location close to my house. Those guys are the best in the business. Fortunately I haven't had to see them since they opened this location but I've seen the space and it's really nice. I had knee surgery to reconstruct my ACL, MCL and trim up my meniscus and in 8 months I was back beginning to surf again and feeling close to 100%. That was amazing. I see a lot of people having the same type of surgery and they are still not recovered fully in over 2 years.


Ingrid P.

San Francisco, CA

The only place I go when recovering from an injury (which unfortunately happens every couple of years in my life with athletics). The owner & his crew are super knowledgable, friendly & they know how to get bodies working again properly in short order. I tried other places and didn't get results. I highly recommend this team. They helped me recover from knee surgery, a car accident, and two separate shoulder/neck injuries from sports.


Sara T.

Sacramento, CA

I have needed physical therapy on and off for the last 9 years, and Ocean Beach is the best experience I've had. Prior to this I've been to other private clinics and Kaiser, where I often felt like a number and had a tricky time making sure I got a knowledgable PT. My amazing surgeon at Stanford recommended Lance by name, so I came in with high expectations. Right away everyone in the office knew my name and greet me every time I come it. The equipment is all new and the space super clean. No one is rushing you out or cutting you off if the appointment goes long; they make sure you get in the exercises and work that you need. Lance definitely knows his stuff and seems familiar with both conventional and newer treatments. He allows me to push myself far without letting me overdo it, and we discuss my week to week progress as well as long term therapy goals.

Things I really like- water therapy offered once a week (even if you have access to a pool in SF, I find this is hard to do on your own), icing at the end of each appointment, and the ocean/beach pictures throughout the office.

I would definitely recommend Ocean Beach to my friends.


Ken B.

San Francisco, CA

So happy that the founder of Potrero Hill PT opened a second location in Ocean Beach. Same great knowledge and attention to detail. Very skilled at their craft, they never watch the clock and are very helpful. They come from the world of athletics as well. Brand new beautiful facility with plenty of street parking. My PT guy is David. One more thing, I'm sure it's not easy but they handle all the insurance and Dr paper work too.


Krista L.

Elk Grove, CA

Went to Ocean Beach Physical Therapy & Lance was extremely knowledgable & uplifting he treated me with urgency & care! He took the time to educate me on my injury & answered all my questions. I will recommend all my friends,family and coworkers to Ocean Beach Physical Therapy. Thank you Lance & Team.


Anna W.

San Francisco, CA

I am so happy the professionalism and knowledge of Lance and his crew made it's way to the outer sunset. I recently had ACL surgery and was going to various other Physical Therapists out of location convenience and not seeing any improvement. Now that this place is up and running I go once a week and have seen drastic mobility and strength changes for the better. Lance is an athlete as well and so he really knows whats going on with the body to design a program for the active patient to do on their own for the safest recovery! The space is well laid out, open and really clean. I look forward to my sessions all week!


Marty M.

San Francisco, CA

So happy to get my body fixed by the crew at OBPT. Amazing service and staff so close to home!!!!!


Kathleen E.

San Francisco, CA

Lance and his team have a great facility and all the latest equiptment. Even more important the physical therapists are all amazing, they care, and they took the time to develop a customized plan for my specific needs. I'm so excited to have this great establishment expand to my neighborhood.